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What does it mean by Financially Distressed

Firstly you should understand the meaning of financial stress. It means emotional stress that is due to money issues. A person or a financially distressed company is unable to pay its payments or the debts they are bearing. In financial terms, this word stands for something a little more complicated than a normal routine. 

You might have debts and don’t have enough money to pay right away. Moreover, your income is not enough to meet both ends. In this situation, any person or company is going through a very rough time. 

What is the meaning of Financially Distressed?

You might want to know what is financial distress. It is that condition in which, whether individually or company-wise, are unable to produce enough income. They are not in a condition to pay their bills or rent. This may occur due to many reasons such as severe economic downturns for companies or organizations. And speaking individually, the reasons can be heavy debt, unemployment, or an ongoing court case. It is a term in corporate finance and is for difficult conditions in the business world.

You might understand now what is meant by financial distress? Before knowing if your company or individual is financially stressed you need to know the signs. Same as you detecting a disease affecting you. You can come across two types of cases related to financial stress, whether individually or in a company.

Signs of Financial Distress (Company-Based Signs):

Here you will understand what is the meaning of financially distressed companies. 

  • If there is a constant shortage of cash, that is a sign of a financially distressed company.
  • When company restructuring is happening.
  • Having poor profits are other harmful signs of financial stress.
  • A big loss to a company is another major sign that financial stress is about to arrive.
  • There would be a decline in the revenues of the specific company.
  • Moreover, the payments that you have to give are not going and you are in debt. 
  • There would be many problems while raising the capital of the company.
  • Further, overhead costs would increase suddenly.
  • The sales of the company would decrease to a dangerous level.
  • There can also be a bankruptcy situation which can cause extreme financial stress.

These were the symptoms of financial distress that can affect a company directly or indirectly. 

What are the symptoms of financial distress in an individual?

  • There can be a loss in business or reduced incomes.
  • Some unexpected expenses can lead to individual financial distress, such as extravagancy or high bills.
  • An interesting point is a divorce. And yes, a personal issue can lead you to a financially distressed individual.
  • Moreover, if you cannot manage your finances, then you are more prone to get this kind of stress.

What are Financial Distress Costs?

This is that expense that a company, already financially distressed, face extra than their business money. It can exceed such a level that the companies have to sell all their assets to fulfill their necessities. Also, distress costs can lead to higher interest rates on the company which can have bad consequences. The loss of employees can be another intangible result of a financially distressed company.

Indirect Costs of Financial Distress:

If a company or firm has very damaged financial conditions, then some internal problems could arise. Moreover, it can lead to the concept of the indirect cost of financial distress. Its most typical example is bankruptcy costs. We might say that the indirect and usual distress costs are relatable or the same. If we have an idea of the incentive problems of a firm then we will be aware of the indirect cost of financial distress. You can also find another financial distress example easily. 

Types of Financial Distress:

The types include:

  • Bankruptcy cost
  • Higher cost of capital
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Depressed asset sales
  • Indirect cost

Causes of Financial Distress in a Company:

The main causes of financial distress can include some fraud. Furthermore, it can affect the company, high debt that you are not paying. And extremely high costs of the administration attires. Huge economic loss or a drastic decline in profits are other main causes. 

What is Personal Financial Distress?

This distress that occurs individually is also the same as financial stress that is because of no money. Maybe the income is not enough or you have debts. 

What are Examples of Costs of Financial Distress?

In the types of financial distress, you have learned about the bankruptcy reasons. The meaning of financial distress cost is mostly related to bankruptcy. Also, bankruptcy cost is technically related to debts; it is a theory of corporate finance. This theory says that the bankruptcy cost can vary according to the size of the company whether large or small. 

This happens when a company is unable to pay its debts. Moreover, the debts rise day by day, and these higher costs of the capital of the company lead to bankruptcy. It relates to the general English term known as bankrupt, which means out of money.

How to Avoid Financial Distress?

There are a lot more ways to avoid being a financially distressed company. These can save you against many bad outcomes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Company reconstructing:

If a company has been through financial distress, all it needs to do is reconstruct. It includes rules and regulations and takes a fresh start. They can continue their missions and manage accordingly.

  • Tackling the Debts:

If a company is in debt, they need to figure out a way for paying these debts before they are due. Also, they can even resolve the problems with the debtors and make a better way of communication.

  • Having a Business Plan:

The company owners should proceed with proper business plans for their business. Otherwise, the loss can be a reason for financial distress. Moreover, extra expenses can be a reason for financial distress.

  • Say no to Extravagancy:

For individuals, it’s important not to buy all the extra expensive stuff. This would only make them run out of money and nothing else.

  • Keeping an Eye on Frauds:

Fraudulent activities should be a mandatory point to check all the time. The more scams in an organization, the more chances of financial distress. This economic distress is one of the outcomes of fraudulent activities. As the owners are unaware of the misconduct occurring in their businesses. 


This content acknowledges the main highlights of financial distress in a company or on an individual basis. It includes types, causes, reasons, definitions, and a lot more detail you should know. Protection against being financially distressed is highly important. Always be aware of the scams and protect yourself against frauds.

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