How to Get a Voided Check Online? (Step by Step 2022 Updated)

Voided checks can play a significant part in continuing activities like direct deposits. You might be confused about how to get a voided check online. The information about your bank is printed on a canceled check, so anyone can use it to set up a direct deposit payment from your account. Checks are only one aspect of checking accounts.

In most cases, they can also be used to send and receive automated payments and direct deposits. Your finances can be made simpler by using these transactions, which also provide you with more authority over your withdrawals and deposits.

You can set up automated transactions online in specific circumstances. In other situations, however, you’ll need to complete some paperwork and present a voided check that has your account number and your bank’s routing number written on it. Read in this article how to get a voided check online?

Void Check

A check that has been voided is one that has the word “VOID” written on the front and is no longer valid. As a result, banks will not accept it as payment. When it comes to supplying the details needed for specific electronic payments, such as direct debits, a cancelled check can be helpful.

In the past, there was a tradition to void it manually. In this modern era, it is common to think can I get a void check online? The check contains information that can be used to confirm your account and the bank that holds it, but it cannot be submitted for payment.

Voided Check Online

How to Get a Voided Check?

Although it is simple to void a check, caution should be taken if you must. Be careful not to cover the numbers printed at the bottom of the check when writing VOID across the face of the check. This face has numbers that contain the bank account number and routing number, which are required for verification.

It is better to use non-erasable ink to void a check. Once the check is voided, you cannot use it again too. You can only void a check that you have previously written or a blank check. Read How to get a voided check online?

Tips to Void a Check

  • Encrypting the image sent electronically

If you can set up online payments using a voided check, anyone with access to your checking account information can do the same. Send the check copy as an encrypted PDF if at all possible. Make contact to confirm that the recipient can accept an encrypted file. Clearly express your worries.

  • Keep a record of your voided checks

Indicate in your checkbook, check register, or financial software that the check is voided and keep the proper count of it.

How to Get a Voided Check Online

If you do not have a checkbook, you might be able to send a small payment to yourself using the online bill payment option provided by your bank.

For example, you can send a small payment and then label that check as void. As an alternative, you can print a check using check printing software that you can later declare as void. How to get a voided check online? It’s not difficult anymore, you can do it easily.

Using a Voided Check

A cancelled check may be needed for some transactions in order to confirm your banking details. You’ll frequently be asked to fill out a form with your routing number, account number, and a copy of a cancelled check if you need to submit this information.

  • Setting Up Automated Loan Payments

When setting up automated loan payments for things like mortgages, student loans, SBA loans or auto loans, you frequently need a canceled check. It may be worth the extra work to set up autopay and provide a copy of a canceled check because you may frequently earn a better rate this way.

  • Setting up Automated Bill Payments

The need for a voided check may apply to other automatic payments as well. For instance, if you decide to use direct debit from your bank account, you might need a canceled check to set up autopay for your rent, utility bills, or phone bills.

The extra effort is frequently justified by the additional savings. For instance, if you set up automatic payments, many insurance providers will give you a nice discount.

  • Setting Up Direct Deposit

A copy of a voided check is typically required if you wish to set up a direct deposit with your employer. Your bank’s routing number and account number will be requested on a form, but your employer’s human resources department will likely also require a copy of a cancelled check.

Your company can directly deposit your pay or expenditure reimbursements via this technique. When opening an account with a payment service, a voided check might also be required.

Alternatives of a Voided Check

You could have other options if you need to offer your bank account information but don’t have any checks. It is easy to answer how to get a voided check online. But there are alternatives to it too.

  • Counter Check from Bank

The starter checks that many banks give you when you create an account are the same as the counter checks. These checks can be produced on demand and include both your account number and your bank’s routing number. 

  • Preprinted Deposit Slip

You can confirm your financial information using a preprinted deposit slip in some cases. Your name, routing number, and account number are all included on a preprinted deposit slip in the same way as they are on a canceled check.

However, it’s essential to confirm whether a preprinted deposit slip can be used in place of a canceled check in order to prevent delays.

  • Online Banking

If you run out of checks for your online checking account, you might be able to send yourself a small check through the bill payment feature of your online bank. This check can then be invalidated by writing VOID across the front and sent to the organization that asked for a voided check. 


No one can deny the importance and need for voided checks since they are used by employers, government agencies, and payment services in this modern era. 

There is a dire need to keep your bank information secure and written on checks if you want to share it. If you are curious about how to get a voided check online, do not worry since it is not difficult anymore. 

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