SBA Loan Processing Time and Details (2022 Updated Policies)

A lot of you will be wondering about SBA loan processing time if you are going to have it for you. SBA loans are typically not a good option for business owners who require immediate funding. It’s likely that if you’re a small business owner looking for funding, you’re hoping for loan approval as fast as possible. 

Normally, the complete SBA loan application procedure takes between 60 and 90 days. An SBA loan can take longer to close than other small company loans and other financing options because of the extensive amount of paperwork and data you must provide.

SBA Loans

SBA loans, in contrast to other small business loans, are associated with the United States. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA backs loans made by lenders around the nation in order to assist business owners in gaining access to capital and promote the growth of America’s small enterprises.

SBA Loan

Working with eligible entrepreneurs reduces the risk that banks take on because the SBA ensures up to 85% of the loan. SBA loan processing time differs depending on various conditions and scenarios. 

Depending on how much money you require and what you intend to do with it, you can apply for one of three primary types of SBA loans:

  • SBA 7(A) Loans
  • CDC/504 Loans
  • SBA Microloans

Online lenders must go through a lengthy process of paperwork and vetting; this procedure takes time and patience. How long does it take to process an SBA loan? The normal SBA loan approval period is two to three months with these lenders.

Although it is uncommon, some SBA lenders give funding in as little as 30 days. Continue reading about how long does it take to get SBA loan after approval, and how to speed up your SBA loan approval time. 

SBA Processing Time

Obtaining an SBA loan can be challenging and complex, especially for first-time borrowers. The timeline for the SBA loan application process.

Days 01 – 30: Borrower gathers supporting evidence and submits a loan application.

Days 10 – 14: The loan is reviewed by the lender

Days 10 – 21: Lender grants loan approval and delivers commitment letter.

Days 07 – 14: Loan is closed by the lender (seven to 14 days)

There are several processes from application to closing, so it’s crucial to be in close contact with your lender the entire time an SBA loan is being processed. If there are any problems along the road, your lender will advise you on how to proceed. Now the question is how long does it take to get SBA loan after approval?

Timeline for an SBA Loan

Depending on the bank or lender and the amount of the loan, the SBA loan process typically takes 60 to 90 days when all the time commitments for the aforementioned steps are taken into account. A lender will often review your application more closely and perhaps take longer to approve a larger loan with a longer-term. 

The lender’s experience is also important since it directly affects SBA loan processing time. Without SBA approval, lenders participating in the Preferred Lender Program of the SBA have complete control over underwriting and credit checks. The SBA gets more involved with less experienced lenders, which prolongs the process. 

The time it takes to get an SBA loan approved is actually not much longer than the time it takes to get a bank’s conventional business term loan. However, gathering all of the information needed to submit a successful SBA loan application is the step that takes the longest to complete and occurs before you even apply.

Timeline for an SBA Loan

Initial Step: Obtaining Required Documents and Applying for Loan

You must locate a lender willing to collaborate with you on the loan after choosing an SBA loan programme that interests you. Several SBA-designated lenders maintain direct contacts with lenders. The more you do it fastly, the more SBA loan processing time will be better. 

If you decide on a platform, you will be assigned a professional loan specialist who will assist you throughout the entire process and help you deal with any difficulties.

Your lender or loan specialist will initially request documentation from you. Even the most well-organized business owner may find that assembling all the necessary papers for their SBA loan package takes weeks.

The documents can take many days to complete and call for extensive financial and legal information. You might need to ask your business attorney or accountant for assistance. The bank can also explain the meaning of each question on the form.

Middle Step: Commitment, Underwriting, and Approval

Underwriting is the following step in the SBA loan procedure. You could find this to be the most intimidating because the lender will examine every aspect of your business and personal finances. 

The greatest advice is to communicate with your lender as honestly as you can. This round of the SBA loan application procedure will move more rapidly if questions are answered precisely and promptly.

It may take one or two weeks of SBA processing time It may take a week or two for underwriting. The lender wants to be sure that you will be able to make timely and complete repayment of the loan. Although the SBA backs part of the loan, enforcement of the guarantee would only be done as a last resort. 

You will advance to the approval and loan commitment step if you pass underwriting. The lender has determined that you meet their credit requirements at this point and has agreed to grant you a loan as long as you can supply the necessary paperwork.

Last Step: Closing of SBA Loan

How long does it take to get SBA loan after approval? You are at the last step in which the bank will guarantee that everything is in order and that all documents have been signed. The bank may still need to check a few documents, such as title and environmental assessments. 

The lender will also conduct a collateral search to confirm whether any other businesses have given you financial support. The SBA will give the loan a filing number and approve the government guarantee. 

Closing often takes a week or two. The money will then be sent or transferred to your company’s checking account. The money can be used right away for legitimate business needs.


Are you still wondering about the SBA loan processing time? It can take 2 to 3 months to complete the SBA loan application process. There are many faster options available if you don’t want to wait for the entire SBA loan timeline.

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