Privacy Policy


Wentotoday is a reputable website and it respects your privacy. So, we will be sharing what information we collect and how it will be used. We have the right to change our policy without giving any notice to the readers. If you have any queries and confusion regarding it, our readers can connect to us anytime they want. 

Information we collect and its use:

First, comes the information that you give the blog voluntarily. We just collect your personal information like your name, email, and address. For example, you want to subscribe to our blog for getting updates about news and blogs related to travel. You will be getting our newsletters after that and this is something that you should know. You have the right to unsubscribe from us as well. Sometimes, it can also involve using your other social media channels as well. 

Automatically collected data:

We collect certain information automatically when you visit our website. For example, your IP address, the system that you are using, browser information, and the pages you will review. We also have the data of the time and date you visited the site and viewed pages. So, it will tell us the information of your clicked links. 


Cookies are an important part of our privacy policy as these are small data files that show your browsing. We can obtain that but they expire when you close your browser. But, there are persistent cookies as well which stay on the browser unless you delete them. We obtain those only to provide you with a better user experience. 

How we use your information:

  • We use to create a user-friendly website based on our customers
  • It identifies that you are a user of the website
  • To send you promotional links, newsletter, and any other email regarding the blog
  • To send you important notice, policy, or security alerts on your given information
  • We respond to your comments or queries regarding the blog
  • To make sure you have a good customer support
  • To keep track of any illegal activity 

Why or when we can share the data?

We can share the data with third party organizations when:

  • There is the involvement of law or public authority when we must share data
  • If there is a scenario where we have to defend our legal rights 
  • Sometimes, we can hire people for operating the blog but we make sure to add your information anonymously so no one can track your device or identify you. 

Moreover, we will be sending offers and news to your email. As it is a part of our marketing communications. When you subscribe to us, that means you have given us the right to send you a newsletter anytime. The readers still have the choice to unsubscribe from us. 

Can we have access or right over our information:

Yes, the readers have the right to get access to their information. They can request us and tell us about the circumstance in which they think it is necessary. If we agree and feel obliged to do so, we share your personal information.