What is the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode? (2022 Latest Crypto)

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has revolutionized the world with its marvelous profit revenues. Many people are investing in different kinds of cryptocurrency and are currently earning a handsome profit from their crypto stocks. The higher profits on different crypto stocks have got other people’s attention towards this new mode of trading.

So, lots of people invested in it and are currently investing too. All this increased the prices of such stocks. So, new investors are confused about ‘ what is the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2022. ‘. 

The enhanced trend of people toward cryptocurrency investments has increased the prices of existing currencies to a great extent. Moreover, certain currencies, like Bitcoin, are undergoing a decline too. All this has created a confusing situation for fresh investors to decide which will be the next cryptocurrency to explode in the crypto market.

Whether you’re a fresh investor or a regular investor in search of some new stocks to invest in, this guide will be very beneficial for you. In the later section, we’ll break down some cryptocurrencies that will be good for future investments. So, let’s see What is the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode?

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Best Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2022

Want to know what is the next cryptocurrency to boom? Here are different cryptocurrencies that may explode soon. You may choose any of them for your next crypto investment. 


Being an amateur crypto investor, you may have encountered the name ‘ SAITAMA Inu ‘ before. This meme coin has gained much popularity during the last few months of trading. Moreover, the founder team is busy improving the coin to take it to a new level. So, it may be claimed that this cryptocurrency will soon come to the market and will be one of the best investments for the future. To make it a native cryptocurrency, the team of SAITAMA Inu is working to build a new ecosystem for this currency. 

The direction in which the team of this beneficial coin is taking it hints at the fact that it will be an ideal next big cryptocurrency to explode in the coming days. The new environment where this coin will act as a native cryptocurrency will increase its utilization and hence its value.

In the coming days, this currency will include lots of beneficial projects like Defi and Metaverse. Its wallet has been launched with the name ‘ SaitaMask ‘. The markets where one can trade in SAITAMA Inu include the SaitaMarket, Saitama Edutainment, and SaitaMaker. All these markets will be public sooner. 

2- Yooshi 

Yooshi is one of the fastest-growing gaming coins. The Metaverse is the gaming platform where one can trade in this currency. The factor that supports the fact that Yooshi will be one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode is the fast growth of the Metaverse platform. It’s one of the hottest projects of the crypto forum that will evolve sooner. After Yooshi explodes the gaming world, you’ll earn by playing games. 

Yooshi’s team is working to improve the rewards that players will earn by playing games. So, this is becoming one of the best rewarding gaming coins for the future. Moreover, the team is struggling to include different products in their forum that will add to the value of this cryptocurrency. One of the most attractive products of the Yooshi currency is Yooshi-GamePad. All these factors show that this is the next cryptocurrency to explode. 

3- SafeMoon 

The fast growth of SafeMoon in the crypto market shows that it may be the next cryptocurrency to explode soon. This currency was introduced to the crypto market in early 2021. However, it succeeded in attracting the investor’s attention towards itself in a short period.

Though its prices flopped in the same year, the team is working to grow its value again. It includes different projects and Defi is one of the attractive projects included in this currency. This shows that it will be the next big cryptocurrency. 

The SafeMoon team claimed that they have successfully upgraded their popular V2 protocol and it’s now available for the users. Now the network is running on an upgraded protocol. The old SafeMoon protocol included some inefficiencies. However, after the up-gradation, all the inefficiencies have been alleviated.

Moreover, the team is working on another upgraded protocol that will be soon available for the public. Also, the upcoming operation, Phoenix, of the SafeMoon is going to be launched soon. This innovative operation will include many decentralized innovations. This shows that SafeMoon will also be the next cryptocurrency to explode. 

4- BabyDoge

It might be the next crypto to blow up. Though it initially faced a decline, the BabyDoge is now becoming one of the best cryptocurrencies. At the start of 2022, this coin showed impressive progress. Over time, the utility of the coin is increasing and increasing its importance. Though different coins are becoming meme coins due to their decline, this one is not like them. The team of this coin is very active and remains busy enhancing the value of the BabyDoge. 

One can utilize the BabyDoge in lots of marketplaces. The management of this coin has introduced the BabyDoge card as well as a mobile app. Both these facilities let the users invest their currency to purchase different goods and services.

Different eCommerce stores accept cryptocurrencies like BabyDoge. Some such stores include WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. All this shows that the BabyDoge may be one of those cryptocurrencies that will explode the market soon. 

5- Centcex

It’s also one of the recent cryptocurrencies that are being very popular due to certain reasons. One of the major reasons is making the centcex popular day by day. It was introduced in the mid of 2021 and became very popular in the same year. The management of this currency claims that they will soon launch a user-friendly mobile application that will help the users to use the advanced features of the beneficial currency. 

They are building an ecosystem that will make the Centcex application and currency work well. One will be earning a handsome revenue soon using this cryptocurrency. Each product developed by Centcex will be funded with 30% of every transaction. All these features are generating the value of Centcex. So, it will also be the next cryptocurrency to explode. 

6- Floki Inu

Floki Inu is another coin that is building its value in the market rapidly. Its management is very active and is working tirelessly to make its cryptocurrency successful in the market. Their efforts have resulted in the remarkable success of this currency in the field. So, it will not only be a meme coin but also a beneficial investment. 

Like the many other coins that need a proper ecosystem to gain value, the team Floki Inu is also working on building an ecosystem that will increase the value of this coin. They claim that the ecosystem will have many projects to build the value of their currency.

Some beneficial projects are Floki Inuversityis, Defi, and GameFi projects. Moreover, the coin will be an effective investment for the gamers who will earn through playing games. The NFT Metaverse will help them a lot. 

7- Bitgert 

Bitgert is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies that is expected to explode the market soon. Through such a system, one will be able to earn a handsome revenue by trading. Moreover, the system will help the individuals to make different payments, transactions, and even lending will also be an option. You may call it a decentralizing project by the Bitgert team. 

In the Bitgert system, the exchange will also be possible. One of the most beneficial aspects of this currency is that it can be transferred to the accounts of friends without paying any fee. This feature is called the gasless feature of the Bitgert. All these features show that this beneficial coin will be a game-changer shortly. 

8- Ethereum (ETH)

This is one of the most popular names in the field of crypto investments. After BTC, the most beneficial cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Its market capitalization is more than $500 billion. It has a wallet that helps insecure stock keeping. Some experts claim that this decentralized cryptocurrency will surpass the prices of BTC shortly.

However, its prices are already higher. So, the fresh investors will have to invest a handsome amount of money to purchase ETH stock. However, once invested, there will be a rare chance of a decline in its prices. 

9- Solana

For those who have any confusion about ‘ Which coins will explode in 2022? Solana is a surprise.  After BTC, the major rival of Ethereum in the market is Solana. In the past year, its price has undergone a remarkable boom.  So, it’s expected that Solana will also compete with the major cryptocurrencies of the field that are already trending in the field.

In the last year, it has encountered an increase in value that shifted its price from just $30 to more than $200. It has different projects and fuel technologies that help the investors to earn maximum over even a minimum stock of Solana. Also, it has entered into an effective blockchain that has made transactions quite easily and effortlessly. This is also the next cryptocurrency to explode in the market. 

What is the next big cryptocurrency?

For those who are wondering about ‘ What will be the next crypto to explode? ‘, the above-mentioned coins are the best choices. All these coins will rise soon. Therefore, people are learning nowadays how to short crypto

Final Verdict

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the trading world due to their high profits. However, the last few months were not so good for crypto trading. So, it’s good to investigate what is the next cryptocurrency to explode. Knowing about the next big cryptocurrency, one can choose the best crypto stock to invest in.

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