Private Equity Vs Investment Banking

Private Equity Vs Investment Banking (2022 Quick Guide)

Whether private equity has benefits over investing in banking or not is a debatable talk. However, you can’t decide which one should opt for and why. If you’re in a confused state of mind while deciding whether you should go for private equity vs investment banking. You should explore a thorough comparison of both these methods of adding money to your assets. Simply, you should go for detailed research about private equity vs investment banking.  

Private Equity Vs Investment Banking
Private Equity Vs Investment Banking

To be frank, private equity is a hard job and you’ll have to work hard to earn handsome revenue. However, the output is not so bad. Investment Banking, on the other hand, is a relatively relaxed job. Moreover, it also results in a handsome revenue at the end of the struggle. However, this is not the only difference, there are many other differences too. This precise guide will be discussing all private equity vs investment banking. So, let’s move down to clear all our queries. 

Private equity vs investment banking – What is Private Equity? 

Before diving into a thorough difference between private equity and investment banking. Let’s have a look at both these terms separately. Generally speaking, private equity is capital that is not exposed to public exchange centers. The investors in private equity go to invest in the private companies directly or simply buy the public companies directly. This is the reason that such kinds of investments are not listed on public exchanges. 

In private equity, investors or institutions facilitate the capital to expand. Also, the revenue that can be invested to expand the technology. This kind of investment is good for those companies that are suffering financial distress. Furthermore, this kind of capital can resume the liquidity of the credit for declined companies. 

Pros of Private Equity

Here are the possible advantages of private equity. 

  • This kind of funding helps to resume the liquidity of the funds within a company. 
  • It’s a great alternative to conventional financial mechanisms like high-interest debts or public market listings. 
  • Such a capital raising process helps the startup companies to get stable. 
  • This is one of the effective ways to grow the capital for a company even away from the glare of public markets. 
  • If you manage the hard work, private equity is a good investment business. 

Cons of Private Equity

It’s not right to say that private equity has only advantages, it has certain drawbacks too. Here are some disadvantages of this kind of investment. 

  • Unlike the public market, active investors and sellers are not available. 
  • It needs deep research to meet the active buyers. 
  • The prices are based on the negotiations between the sellers and buyers and not on the market forces. 
  • The shares are based on a case-by-case basis, these are not regular. 

Private equity vs investment banking – What is Investment Banking? 

Investment Banking includes raising funds for other organizations and entities. Such banks issue debts of all kinds to aid the sales and other trades. Most of the giant organizations work on this basis. 

Pros of Investment Banking

Here are some benefits of Investment Banking

  • In this kind of investment, every day will be different. 
  • You don’t need proper training for such a business. 
  • You can have your own business with an understanding of investment banking. 
  • If you’re a successful investment banker, you can earn a handsome amount. 
  • You can enjoy a fancy lifestyle
  • Also can create business links. 
  • You’ll have to work indoors. 
  • It will offer you a chance to work with the best people.
  • Your future is almost secure with an investment banking business. 
  • One can work for flexible timing. 
  • It’s an exciting way to work in the potential industry. 

Cons of Investment Banking

Here are some disadvantages of investment banking. 

  • There are few opportunities for jobs. 
  • Initially, you may have to work without any revenue. 
  • To start this business, you have to follow through with legal paperwork. 
  • It needs long hours of hard work. 
  • Sometimes, you may have to work even on weekends when you have work pressure.
  • The sell side vs buy side. 
  • Moreover, it will make your life busy. 
  • Now, this business has become very competitive. 
  • You may have to handle workloads. 

What is the difference between Private Banking and Investment Banking?

Here is a thorough description of private equity Vs investment banking. 

  • Different Modes of Fundraising

Private equity and investment banking have different investment methods. In the case of private equity, one collects funds and then looks for investing them in other businesses. In the case of investment banking, the fundraisers collect funds. And then look for the capital markets to raise the funds further. 

  • Different Purposes

Investment banking and private equity are different regarding their underlying purposes. The first one may be regarded as a capital raising or an advisory service while the latter is a business. Furthermore, investment banking advises the transactions and facilitates them to raise capital. 

  • Difference of Workload

Investment banking and private equity need a different workload. One will have to work more in the private equity business than in investment banking. However, the revenue differences lie. It is also the same when it comes to private equity vs hedge funds. 

  • Different Revenue

Working for a private equity business will earn more revenue than investment banking though it needs more hard work. 

Is private equity better than investment banking?

Mostly, private equity investors earn more than investment bankers. However, it needs hard work. 

Who makes more money investment bankers or private equity?

Though private equity needs more hours to work, it’s relatively higher paying than investment bankers. 

Are investment banks private equity?

Investment banking is an advisory business while private equity is an investment business. 

Final Verdict

Investment banking and private equity are two ways to raise funds for different countries. Though both these methods seem the same, they have certain differences too. Moreover, both investment banking and private equity businesses are listed in the above section. To be an investment banker or to run a private equity business, one should learn what is meant by them. A brief description of private equity vs investment banking is also given in the above section. Go through these differences to choose the right profession for you.

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