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How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a Debit Card?

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Do you have children and are unsure about the minimum age requirement for obtaining a debit card? The minimum age requirement for getting a debit card varies. Depending on how the account is set up, whose financial institution you use, and other factors. 

If you want to teach your children how to manage money and be financially responsible then you have to say goodbye to the traditional ways. Times have changed and giving them some cash is not the way they will learn. It is time that they learn about the technology that makes this way too easy. 

Financial management has always been better with the help of debit cards. There are however some age restrictions on the card which you should know before opening an account. Choosing the right debit card is very important especially when it comes to kids. 

This article discusses the minimum age requirement (whether under-18-year-olds may get debit cards). And the procedures for obtaining a debit card for children. So, you want to know how old do you have to be to have a debit card.

Additionally, it addresses some frequently asked issues about children’s debit cards.

Let us begin.

How Old Must You Be to Receive a Debit Card?

A youngster often becomes eligible for a debit card at 13, and their parent or legal guardian may create a joint checking account with the adolescent.

Many banks, credit unions, and online financial organizations provide debit cards to children as young as six years old. You may need to carefully study the small print of any offer to comprehend the age restrictions fully. However, if you cannot locate the age restrictions, feel free to contact the firm directly. We will give enough information about how old do you have to be to have a debit card.

They will assist you in determining if your children must be adolescents. Or maybe registered in a joint account with a parent regardless of their age. You may also consider other alternatives. Such as a prepaid debit card or enrolling your kid as an authorized user. To an existing bank account, eliminating the requirement for a unique adolescent and how old do you have to be to have a debit card.

It may provide them with a debit card without the need to create a new account, albeit it may not have all the features available on debit cards for children and teenagers, some of which we discuss below.

What kind of features you should look for in a debit card for kids?

  • Firstly, check out the spending limit of the debit card. It should have enough freedom that you want to give your child based on their monthly allowance. It will help them to budget it correctly and use it whenever they want to make a purchase. Not only that the spending limit will give the parents as well peace of mind as they don’t have to worry about their kids all the time. 
  • Make sure to find the amazing perks that come with the card. Different banks will provide no monthly or yearly fee deduction from the account or free ATM. 
  • There should be an application for easy transfer and where your kid can monitor their expenses. It is always better than they have an independent account where they can use online banking and learn how much they pay or get. Moreover, there should be transaction alerts as well. 
  • The mobile app should be user-friendly, especially for teens. It should be secured and safe compabtle with other mobile wallets. Technology is changing and your debit cards should be compatible with the everyday mobile wallets that people use daily. 
  • There should be an option for direct deposits if your kid is doing a part-time job. 

Note: While you are searching for the perfect debit card, make sure that your kid is with you. They will learn so much and it could be a lesson for them like what to look for in an account.

Do Banks Issue Debit Cards to Individuals Under the Age of 18?

Yes, albeit it varies by bank. As mentioned above, some need a parent or legal guardian to create a joint adolescent checking account to share ownership.

Ascertain that you are familiar with the requirements of your intended bank or financial institution, including any age limitations on account opening.

Where Can a Child Obtain Debit Cards?

Numerous financial institutions and online banking applications for children make it possible to get a debit card for minors. Chase First Banking: The Best No-Fee Debit Card for Children and Adolescents Are you ready to educate your children about money but unsure if you have the time, patience, or expertise?

Chase First BankingSM provides convenient banking for both of you in one location: the free Chase Mobile® App. Manage all of your accounts with one mobile app and save fees. You’ll also have access to 16,000 Chase ATMs around the nation.

Chase First BankingSM is powered by one of the most acceptable free debit cards for children and teenagers, which works everywhere Visa is accepted.

Supervision of your child’s spending and saving behavior?

You may use your Chase Mobile® app to establish spending alerts and limitations, as well as specified locations. Read different content to know about Can a 14-year-old have a debit card? 

Teach your children how to spend, save, and earn money – all from the convenience of the Chase Mobile® app. Chase First BankingSM assists parents in teaching their teenagers and children about money by providing parents with the control they want and children with the flexibility they need to learn.

To begin, you must be a Chase client with an eligible Chase checking account.

Consider establishing a Chase Total CheckingSM or Chase Secure banking account to be eligible.

• Chase Total CheckingSM also includes unlimited access to 16,000 Chase ATMs and over 4,700 branch locations, as well as a $225 sign-up incentive when you enroll in a direct deposit within 90 days of initial registration. You may pay no monthly fees if specific requirements are met*. How old do you have to be to have a debit card is not an issue after reading this article?

• Chase Secure BankingSM is available at all Chase ATMs and branch locations and includes a $100 sign-up bonus when certain qualifying activities are completed, and requirements are met. there are queries about Can you have a debit card at 16?

You may apply for a Chase First BankingSM account for your kid after establishing a qualified Chase Checking account.

Greenlight is the highest-rated overall:

Greenlight gives parents control over where their children may spend money by restricting the merchants who accept their cards. Parents may get notifications on when and how much money is used on the Greenlight debit card for kids. Additionally, parents may start an investment account for their children to introduce them to stocks and index funds for the first time.

Greenlight functions similarly to a prepaid debit card, enabling you to load funds onto the card for your kid to use at official establishments. You may load any amount of money onto the card, and your kid will be cleared to make allowed purchases if the card has a money balance. You should know how to get a debit card at 16 without your parents.

Greenlight costs $4.99 per child each month. Replacement cards cost $3.50 apiece but are initially free. If you want immediate replacement of your card, fast shipping is available for $24.99.

Additionally, this firm provides a customized card with your picture or design for $9.99 every year. Greenlight does not give interest, but you and your child may set up “parent-paid interest” arrangements in which you pay the bill and pay interest on up to five children’s accounts.

GoHenry is the best in terms of customer service.

GoHenry is a banking application and bank card for kids that includes a debit card. You have an online account connected to separate accounts for your children.

Through the company’s app and online account site, you may control all the money in each account. Each youngster will have their goHenry debit card with customizable parental restrictions.

What’s lovely with goHenry is that you can spend just the funds on the card. Which eliminates the need to worry about pricey overdraft fees or debt accumulation.

You create a goHenry account, then get your children’s debit cards in the mail within 7-8 business days. You can also set up automatic weekly allowance transfers into your children’s accounts, as well as one-time or weekly spending limitations.

That will let you keep an eye on your children’s spending. And you may block/unblock the card as required, as well as restrict which places your children can buy at.

With time, the restrictions given by the program and the direction you provide may help your children develop sound money habits as they earn, save, spend, and contribute.

GoHenry has one of the most satisfactory customer service ratings of any and how old do you have to be to have a debit card for children. They provide 24-hour phone support, email access, and social media involvement to ensure consumers can resolve issues quickly and easily.

Age Transfer 

Because these financial products are aimed at children. They will ultimately need to be phased out or transformed into something else held by an adult. A child’s credit card is important.

Fortunately, many juvenile bank accounts will likely transition to the bank’s adult form. For instance, if you have a checking account designated for adolescents. It will change to a standard checking account open to everyone over the age of majority. Debit cards for teens are important too.

However, depending on the supplier of your prepaid card, your account may not convert. To an adult equivalent since one does not exist. In this instance, you should be able to continue using your card until it expires.

Consult the provider for further information. And question product development that may enable you to migrate to a new adult product or inquire about a banking partner.

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