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Does Safeway do Money Orders in 2022?

It is safe to exchange funds easily through money orders since it offers an easy way at places where a payment except digital channel is required, paying cash is not possible or a personal check is not accepted too. 

If you want to know does Safeway do money orders in 2022, how much money orders cost, what form of payment is required for a money order, and if there is any limit to getting the money orders cashed in Safeway? You will get every answer in this article.

What is Money Order?

A money order is a paper document similar to a check that is used to send money or make payments to your family, friends, or someone.  Money orders, on the other hand, are a guaranteed source of funds for the receiver.

Since you pay for the money order in cash or with a direct bank debit, the service provider ensures the funds. Money orders can be a good option for people who don’t have access to a bank account, who don’t want to pay cash or use any digital payment method. The point to ponder is does Safeway do Money Orders?

Customers can obtain money orders from a variety of stores and businesses. Customers who need to place a money order can take advantage of this service through post offices, retail businesses, and financial institutions. 

If you are using a Safeway money order, you might be curious whether you can get it processed at your local shop or any place nearby you. Through a collaboration with Western Union, the majority of Safeway locations in the United States and Canada now offer money order services.

Why use a Money order?

Money orders offer some exciting features over the other payment methods, which makes it attractive for people to still use them in this digital era. Some of the uses are:

  • Least expensive way

If you’re transferring money to someone outside the United States, a money order is one of the safest and cheapest ways to do so. Using other services are costly and some require time too.

  • Safety over cash

Money orders are safer than having cash in hand. If you lose cash, you can’t recover it but that is not the case with a money order. Despite losing it, you might be able to get a refund.

  • Keeping Bank Information Protected

Your name, routing number, and account number, of them, may be used for any fraud or bad activity. Money orders keep the account information safe and protected.

  • Payment with guaranteed funds

Payment cannot always be made with a normal check. Money orders are generally cheaper than certified checks, making them a viable alternative. A daily life example is that some businessmen demand an initial rental security deposit be paid in guaranteed funds, such as a money order or certified check. 

  • Records and details

When you get the money order cashed, the money order service providers keep a record of how much amount is cashed, its date, time, and who got it cashed? Money orders give us the complete record and safety of it, while in the case of cash, you are deprived of it.

How to Purchase a Money Order at Safeway?

Customers can use the customer service desk by Safeway to place money orders, make money transfers, and accomplish other financial tasks. Western Union services are often provided through Safeway’s customer care desks at most of their retail stores.

While most Safeway locations feature Western Union at their customer service desks, several locations listed on the Western Union website have ceased this service and have not been updated. Customers should call Safeway ahead of time to confirm whether money order service is still available at their local store.

How to get a Money Order Cashed?

Once you receive a money order, it’s obvious to think where can i cash a money order for free? If you get a money order, there are two easy options for turning it into cash. You can pay it in at a money order redemption site and receive cash. 

It can be easily deposit it like a cheque in your bank account. However, both come with drawbacks. Converting it to cash provides the quickest access, and you may be able to avoid the problem if the money order is later discovered to be fake or fraudulent.

Redeeming money orders, on the other hand, is not as simple as purchasing them. Some nearby stores, for example, sell money orders but do not cash them. In theory, post offices will cash money orders, but if your money order is substantial and the post office is in a small town, they may not have enough money on hand to redeem it.

The question is does safeway do money orders or whether you cash them the same way as other money orders are cashed. Money orders can be processed at most Safeway locations across Canada using Western Union services.

However, some Western Union store locations can only execute a part of the company’s standard services, and hence cannot process money orders. Customers who are wondering whether or not their local Safeway can execute a money order may call customer care ahead of time to verify with a shop staff.


Up to this place of article, it is easy to answer, does safeway do money orders? Through its Western Union service, most Safeway shops in the United States and Canada can handle money orders. This service is available at the customer service desk. Safeway demands that all money orders be paid with cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

A debit card can be used to purchase a Safeway money order even though many locations do not accept it. Credit cards, on the other hand, are not accepted mostly. Most stores refuse them because they charge customers higher interest rates than debit cards.
You can go to any bank or credit union, Western Union or MoneyGram locations, US postal service, and other private services. You can also go to nearby shops, where you can find the counters and customer service desks of these major service providers.
Money order cost depends on the money order service provider. Normally, it costs 1$ whatever service you use, Walmart, Safeway etc. In Western Union, it also depends on the amount you are sending to and the location where you are sending it.
Money orders are available at a variety of venues, including banks and credit unions, as well as post offices, and even certain petrol stations. A money order can also be obtained from a variety of retail outlets, supermarkets, and financial institutions.
In a single money order in the US, you can send the desired amount up to $1000. You'll need a cashier's check or multiple money orders for greater amounts. You can go to nearest mothe ney order service provider and have more details too about the latest rules too.
Money orders are not available at Walgreens. It does, however, sell Western Union money transactions. There isn't much of a distinction between a money order and a money transfer nowadays.
Money orders can be purchased at the post office, Western Union, Walmart, and your bank or credit union with cash or a debit card easily.
You can usually pay for a money order using a credit card, but the transaction is usually treated as a cash advance instead of a regular purchase by credit card companies. Since it has significant downsides, a credit card must not be used for buying a money order.

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