Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay in 2022? (Complete Guide)

If you are also one of the people who are curious about does McDonald’s take apple pay then here are details about this question.

McDonald’s has over 30,000 outlets globally, as of 2022, There are more than 1 billion iPhone users, so it’s hardly surprising that many want to use Apple Pay to buy food. It might be very disappointing to have a yearning for a Big Mac but not have your money.

Hopefully, you will have a change of heart and decide to purchase something healthier by the time you get home and find your credit card. You will be able to make a payment with your card if it is saved in your Apple Pay digital wallet on your smartphone. Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay, in 2022? 

We will go over all the information you require on utilizing your digital wallet at McDonald’s. Read how to use McDonalds Apple Pay in 2022.

Using McDonald’s Apple Pay

Does McDonald's Take Apple Pay

In its restaurants, drive-through lanes, and through its mobile app, McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay. If you want to use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s restaurant or drive-thru, place your Apple Watch or iPhone next to the NFC card reader. Does Mcdonalds take Apple Pay? Read in this article, whether they do or not. 

Before placing your order, select the Apple Pay option on the checkout screen in the McDonald’s app to utilise Apple Pay. Tell the cashier that you will use Apple Pay at checkout and place your phone next to the NFC card reader to complete the transaction. 

This is how to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s. You will hear a confirmation message and see a confirmation message on the screen if the payment is successful. You can tell if a McDonald’s restaurant accepts Apple Pay by looking for the Apple Pay emblem on the NFC card reader or in the storefront window. 

Because it provides users with security, identity protection, and convenience, Apple Pay is quickly becoming the most popular payment option. Now coming to the query of many, does McDonalds accept Apple Pay?

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

It simply takes a few seconds to execute a payment using Apple Pay, which is a cashless payment mechanism. When ordering at a drive-thru window or picking up takeout at a McDonald’s restaurant, you can use Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay at McDonald’s using your Apple Watch in addition to your iPhone.

Does Mcdonalds take Apple Pay? “YES, they do”. Follow these steps to use as:

Using Apple Pay With iPhone Face ID:

If your iPhone has FaceID, follow these instructions to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s and confirm your identity:

  1. To use your chosen card to pay for the meal, double-click your phone’s side button.
  2. Use your Face ID or your passcode to verify your identity.
  3. When a checkmark appears on the display after placing your phone near the NFC card reader, the message “Done” will be shown.

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay? Yes, All McDonald’s outlets accept payments using mobile wallets, including Apple Pay. Both the drive-thru and the counter inside the business accept payments via Apply Pay.

McDonald's Take Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay With iPhone Touch ID:

To utilise Apple Pay at McDonald’s with your iPhone and Touch ID, follow these steps:

  1. To use your chosen card for payment, place your finger on your phone’s Touch ID.
  2. When you see “Done” and a checkmark on the screen, continue to hold your phone close to the NFC scanner.

Since 2014, McDonald’s has accepted digital payments, assisting in the widespread use of these methods of payment. The majority of significant fast food chains, including McDonald’s, accept Apple Pay. Read, does McDonalds take Apple Pay using Apple Watch?

Using Apple Pay With Your Apple Watch:

Follow these instructions to utilise Apple Pay with your Apple Watch at McDonald’s:

  1. To pay with your chosen card, double-click the side button on your watch first.
  2. Face down, and place your Apple Watch next to the NFC reader.
  3. In order to notify you that your payment was successful, your watch will vibrate.

Can You Get a Refund Through Apple Pay?

You will be able to receive a refund on your Apple Pay payment just like you would for any other sort of payment if your order wasn’t processed as expected for some reason. In contrast to cash, it could take a few days for the refunded funds to appear in your account balance.

Additionally, you must first get McDonald’s to approve the reimbursement. Only those orders for which they are aware that they made a mistake will have payments authorised. They might refuse to offer you a refund if all you had to say was that you didn’t like the order.

Using Apple Pay on the McDonald’s App

When placing a McDonald’s app order for pickup, you can pay with Apple Pay. Before placing your order, you can use Apple Pay on the McDonald’s app’s checkout screen. Click the Apple Pay button to finish your purchase at the register using the chosen card from your Apple Wallet. Does McDonalds take Apple Pay if ordered from Uber Eats?

Remember that McDelivery accepts delivery orders through Uber Eats. So, if you’re ordering delivery through the McDonald’s app, you’ll be taken to the Uber Eats app to finish your order. Using Apple Pay at the checkout for pickup is simple by using the McDonald’s app by just clicking a button.

Does McDonald's Accept Apple Pay?


Does Mcdonalds take apple pay? Yes, and it is still hard to believe that you can eat all of your favourite foods at McDonald’s without even having to pull out your money. Therefore, Apple Pay is accepted at McDonald’s whether you want a cup of McCafe coffee in the morning, a sandwich, or a Big Mac meal for lunch.

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