Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? (In-Store + Online) 2022

The most well-known brand in the home improvement industry, Home Depot carries practically everything a homeowner may need to complete their household tasks. These may include repair experts or working contractors etc. 

If you shop at Home Depot and have an iPhone, you probably want to know if they accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. You may already be aware that using Apple Pay makes shopping easier, faster, and safer. The point to ponder is does Home Depot take apple pay?

Read everything you need to know about whether you can pay using Apple Pay when shopping at Home Depot and if it is not acceptable then what are the reasons for it?

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

No, Apple Pay is not accepted at Home Depot. Home Depot once used to accept Apple Pay as a payment method, but later due to misunderstandings Home Depot and apple pay do not work together. Home Depot merchant no longer takes it as a form of payment these days.

Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay? It is still an ambiguity will the Home Depot accept apple pay due to a new partnership between Home Depot and PayPal. Since PayPal and Apple Pay are rivals, PayPal’s contract probably included that Home Depot will stop accepting payments made using Apple Pay.

Although giving consumers more choices is generally a good thing, PayPal and Apple Pay are actually two different digital wallet companies. Both contactless payment methods are contributing to the establishment of exclusive rights with merchants.

Therefore, it is highly possible that PayPal stipulated that they be the only digital wallet option that Home Depot offers when they agreed to a collaboration.

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

Payment Methods – Does Home Depot Have Apple Pay?

Cash is typically the most popular and widely accepted form of payment at Home Depot. The main reason for this is that cash-based transactions are free of fees.  Home Depot also accepts personal checks as payment, which the majority prefer not to use. 

Personal checks are not an option for use online because a sizeable portion of the company’s revenues is made through online channels. Using debit cards and credit cards for purchases is a little less ideal because of the costs associated with these transactions. Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Still, you will be wondering, does Home Depot have apple pay? It undoubtedly has some commercially rational reasons for not now accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment, much like Walmart and Lowe’s.

Chances of Home Depot Apple Pay In the Future?

It’s possible that Home Depot will resume accepting Apple Pay in the future. However, that is extremely improbable as long as they have a contract with PayPal.

In 2012, the two reached an accord. However, it is not known how long the cooperation will continue before the agreement expires or is renewed.

Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot also offers its own credit card, which comes with exclusive privileges and discounts for individuals who apply for it and use it. The drawback of this card is that you can only use it in actual stores, not online (although you can use it on the app).

The Home Depot gift cards are an additional choice. These gift cards are available, but their balance only applies to Home Depot transactions. In other words, you couldn’t spend this gift card at Target or Walmart.

Payment Options For Website

You can make payments for your purchases in a similar fashion on the store’s official website as you do on their mobile app. You cannot make purchases with cash or a personal cheque, just like with the mobile app. There is no method to send in cash or even to type in a check.

When apple product users pay using the products, apple pay is the easiest one to make payments. Once they fail to find it in the payment option, they think does Home Depot accept apple pay?

On the store’s website, you can use your debit or credit card. You can head to the checkout area after adding items to your cart. You can select the payment option you want to use from here.

You enter in the necessary data that may be found on the card when using credit and debit cards, including the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card. On the website for their official store, gift cards can also be used. You can purchase them too from the website. 

Home Depot Apple Pay vs Paypal

On their website, in addition to other payment options, PayPal is another payment option. Does Home Depot take apple pay? Still, the majority of users are curious about it. 

You’ll notice a button that enables you to connect your PayPal information to the website, just like on the mobile app. The money will move from PayPal and be used to cover your purchases on the Home Depot website.

The restriction is that you need to have the necessary funds on hand or have linked a bank or credit card account to your PayPal account. The website does not offer the ability to utilize Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Payment Options For App

Home Depot has a mobile app that is accessible through the Apple Store and Google Play Store, like many other modern brands and businesses. It serves as a simple tool for browsing products, getting store information, and seeing prices. Instead of being utilized for utility, it is intended to be used for convenience.

There are certain evident restrictions even if it is possible to buy things using the app. Using the app, does home depot take apple pay? Using cash or a personal cheque using the app is obviously out of the question. However, you can make purchases through it using credit cards.

Along with the flexibility to use gift cards to pay off bills, the Home Depot card provides another practical way to make purchases. The gift card might pay for the things, depending on how much you spent. However, tax fees may cause one to exceed the allowed gift card balance.

On the app, there is a PayPal button that you may use to make full purchases or add money to your gift card balance. Due to the previously mentioned reasons, options for other digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay will not be available. Hence, home depot apple pay is not possible.

Why not Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

Many businesses do not prefer using online payment methods since they provide their own royalty cards credit cards and wallet cards to make you use them for payments. This needs to be clarified does Home Depot take apple pay?

Previously, Apple Pay was an option, but it hasn’t been in a while. The possibility of the option returning at a later date is uncertain. It makes it likely that over time most establishments will eventually adopt this as a common payment option given the increasing use of digital wallets.

However, many companies believe the costs associated with the choice are a drawback. It’s safe to claim that supporting digital wallet (NFC) transactions improve the quality and speed of the customer experience.


Does Home Depot take apple pay? The simplest answer to this is no. Although Home Depot does not offer Apple Pay, there are many other ways you can pay for your purchases there. 

There are various ways to pay at Home Depot if you have a PayPal account. You can still shop at Home Depot if all you have is a credit or debit card.

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