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Consider getting a Destiny Mastercard if you want to raise your credit score from bad to normal and ultimately good. When authorized, this unsecured credit card will record your transaction history to all three main credit agencies, greatly enhancing your credit score if you use it wisely.

You can use your Destiny Card to make purchases and raise your credit score only once you activate it. You need to remember to activate your Destiny Mastercard at activate portal if you were approved for one and already have one.

In this article, read the steps to know about the entire activation process, the steps for Destiny card login, and its smart use.

What is and Why Destiny Card? Activate

A credit card for people with bad credit called the Destiny Mastercard offers a solution. It provides speedy pre-qualification as well as a chance to raise your score. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Destiny card acts as the person you want by your side as you work to improve your bad credit. It’s made to support you in moving forward, even if your credit history has been difficult. Having access to a credit card is crucial for paving the way while you make future plans so that you can establish credit. 

If you have a Destiny card, you can maintain your attention on your future objectives while enhancing your credit. Additionally, you can use your card with assurance knowing that it comes with the extra protection that a credit card provides. 

The essential details you require as a Destiny Mastercard credit card holder to access your account online, make and schedule payments, and get in touch with customer service for more help are discussed ahead. You should be aware of how activate process works. 

You should also be aware that all of the aforementioned services are offered by First Electronic Bank, which also markets the Destiny Mastercard.

Why Consider Destiny Credit Card?

This card is unquestionably for you if you fit into one of the following categories.

People with Poor or Zero Credit

Those with poor or no credit can still improve their credit rating by applying for the Destiny MasterCard, which reports transactional information to three credit bureaus.

Newbies Who Want Card

This is an excellent place to start if you are a student without any credit history. Activate

activate destiny card

To determine your eligibility for a Destiny card, you must complete an online pre-qualify form. Your credit score won’t be impacted by pre-qualification. You will get the card within days if you are authorized. Once you have the card, you can use it by activating it at activate. 

Each of the three main credit bureaus will receive a report on your transactions. To activate the Destiny card, visit on your computer or mobile. The pre-requisites and requirements for hassle-free Destiny credit card activation are listed below:

  • Card information and login information for Destiny
  • Before entering the activate URL at, have your card information on hand.

Follow the steps to activate: 

  1. On your computer or mobile device, launch a web browser.
  2. Visit
  3. For secure server access, enter your Username and Password.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen after clicking the Log In button.
  5. Enter the information requested when you select the card activation option.
  6. Enter the expiration date, DOB, CVV, and security code for your card.
  7. For the process to be finished, click the Activate button.

Forgot Destiny Card Login Credentials

The instructions below make it simple to retrieve or reset your Destiny account’s username and/or password if you ever lose them.

  1. Go to to access the Destiny Account activation page.
  2. Click the “Forgot your Username or Password” link on the activation page. This ought to take you to the following page.

Now read the steps further in case you forgot your Destiny card login username or password:

Forgot Username:

step 1
  1. Put in your 16-digit account number, birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), and social security number after that.
  2. Click the Request Username button after that.
  3. Then, on the following screen, adhere to the on-screen directions to acquire your Destiny Account username.
  4. Your Destiny account is now accessible.

Forgot Password:

step 2
  1. Next, click the Reset Password button.
  2. You can change the password for your Destiny account on the following screen.

Benefits of Destiny MasterCard

The Mastercard features are offered to you as additional benefits at no additional cost when you receive your Destiny Mastercard. The following are the main advantages of owning a Destiny MasterCard:

Zero Security Deposit

The Destiny credit card feature of having no upfront security deposit is one of its selling points. This credit card does not require a security deposit, in contrast to other credit cards.

Low Minimum Credit Score

Another benefit is that you don’t have to have excellent credit to get approved for this card.

Simple Pre-qualification

The best way to determine whether you qualify for a Destiny credit card is with a quick pre-qualification check. Less than 60 seconds pass. You may count on getting a replacement card within days after applying if you are eligible.

Credit Bureau Reports 

The Destiny credit card provides your reports to all three credit agencies so that you may monitor your credit score and make sure it rises as a result of your transaction.

Zero Liability Security

The Destiny Mastercard has zero liability security, which means that if any fraudulent transactions are made with your card, you are not held liable.

ID Theft Security

This function provides comprehensive monitoring of your identity, including your email address, SSN, credit/debit card, bank accounts, username, and password for web logins, among other information.

Conclusion’s activation process is simple and easy to perform. You can follow the above steps to activate and then use your Destiny credit card. The comprehensive guide to Mastercard usage and steps is available online. All of the program’s terms and conditions were included in their booklet too.

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