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Can Bright Lending Be the Solution to Your Financial Stress?

When a person is subjected to unemployment or debt, he may want to get relief via any loan. Different companies like Bright Lending are there all over the US that offers loans. Some of them feature higher interest while others may have lower interest. Depending on one’s income, an individual may choose any of the loans that suit him well. Bright lending is one of the same companies that offer different loan packages to their beneficiaries. This can be your next option to get rid of your financial stress. 

Bright Lending
Can Bright Lending be the Solution to Your Financial Stress

However, it’s good to check out the APR of this lending company. Maybe its APR may be high and one may not afford it. So, before deciding to file a case for a loan, it’s good to investigate all the facts about the ending scheme. This precise guide will break down some bright lending reviews that will help you out, so let’s move on to explore this guide. 

A Brief Introduction to the Bright Lending

It is a lending company that offers personal loans to needy individuals. This company is based in Hays, Mont. It is known after many names like LLC DBA Bright Lending, Aaniiih Nakoda Finance, or simply bright lending. It’s a tribal loan company that is owned by an Indian tribe, the Fort Belknap Indian Community of the Fort Belknap Reservation of Montana.

This company started its journey five years ago. However, it’s not ideal for all individuals as their APR is very high. The standard loan interest in the US is 391%, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. But the lending imposes very high interest that is up to 700%. This is about 309% more than the average loan interest of all other banks. This is the reason that it doesn’t suit all individuals, though some can afford it. 

Pros of a Bright Lending Loan

Here are some benefits that you might find helpful:

  • Simple Processing

The application method for this loan is quite easy and simple. You can apply for a loan simply by visiting the company’s website. After filling in some credentials, your application for the loan amount will be submitted. 

  • Quick Funding

After your loan application is verified by the company’s official, the next process is very fast. You’ll be funded very quickly and instantly. 

  • No Security

Some loan companies have a very lengthy process to issue the loan that also includes some prepayments or penalties. However, in the case of bright loans, you don’t need any prepayment or penalties. 

  • Discount for Regular Lenders 

For those who keep on refunding the previous amount and applying for a new loan, there are special discounts that can be availed from the company’s website. However, these discounts are not too much. 

Cons of a Bright Lending Loan

Not all aspects of bright l loans are good. Some negative aspects are also there. Here are some disadvantages of this kind of loan. 

  • High APR

The normal interest rate in the USA is about 391%, which is very high. However, that for the lending loan is about 700% to 725%. This is a very high APR and a normal individual can’t even afford it. 

  • Penalties on Late Refunding

If you refunded the loan amount after the given time, a late fee will be imposed on you. This will increase the APR even more. 

  • Funds and Fees 

The APR included lots of funds fees that make the overall APR of this loan very high. 

  • Low Amounts

This company doesn’t offer very high loan amounts. Rather their amounts are short and interest is very high. 

  • Available only in the Selected States

This service is not available in all the states of the USA. Rather only a few States and territories feature this loan service. You can also talk about it with the bright lending self-service protocol support. 

What are the Terms and Conditions for Bright Loan? 

Like many other loan companies in the USA, bright company offers loans just to those who have any strong purpose. However, unlike others who have justifiable interest, their interest rate is very high. Here are different terms and conditions, according to bright lending customer service, that one will have to comply with before applying for a loan. 

  • Loan Amount

You can apply for a little amount. The minimum loan amount that you can get from this company is $300 while that maximum is $1000 only. 

  • Loan Term

No matter you’re applying for a minimum or maximum loan amount, the term to refund the loan with the interest is just 10 months. After this, you’ll have to pay a late fee that will also be very high. 

  • Payment Schedule

The payment is scheduled as per the pay cycle of the individual who is filing the case for a loan. 

  • Interest Rate 

The interest rate of this loan company is very high. They impose 700% to 725% interest on fresh individuals. However, their regular customers will have to pay 500% to 625% APR. 

  • Late Fee 

In case your refunds are late up to 5 days of the due date, you’ll be charged a late fee. This fee will be equal to 10% of the due. 

  • No Collateral

You don’t need to give any collateral in case of filing a loan to the bright company. 

How to Apply for a Bright Lending Loan? 

Proceed as follows to apply for bright loans. 

  • Go to the website of the bright lending company. 
  • Sign up and click the yellow “apply now” tab. 
  • Fill in the credentials as given by the company. 
  • You’ll have to provide your social security number. 
  • Provide all details about your income and source of income. 
  • Provide your account details. 
  • Check all the data and applications. 
  • Accept the terms and policies of the company to proceed. 
  • Once you apply, the company will review all your information. 
  • Finding you eligible, will offer you the applied package. 
  • For any query, call on the bright lending phone number or go to the bright lending portal login to reach out to the self-service portal. 

Loans like bright lending are very hard to afford. So, make sure that you’ve gone through all the terms and policies of the company. 

The bright lending company provides individuals with mini loans at a high-interest level. If you are considering applying for this company’s loan scheme, go through the above bright review. This will help you to decide whether this loan suits you or not.

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